Suzuki Stock GSX-S750 on the dyno - power figures

GSX-S750 dyno

Our long-term Suzuki GSX-S750 gets its vital statistics checked out

The first thing we do when we get a long term test bike is to take it to the dyno shop, so we can see where we’re starting from in terms of any engine mods we might make. Then, when we bolt on the nitrous kit/supercharger/race pipe, we know how the power and torque figures have changed. So, sticklers for tradition as we are, it was down to Big CC Racing yesterday to get a benchmark figure for the GSX-S750.

It was a hot day, but we got the seat off and accessed the ECU quickly enough (you need to plug the dyno into an ignition wire to feed its own internal tachometer, so it can measure power against engine speed.) Our top mate Sean Mills whistled through a series of runs, and we got the dyno chart you see here. Just about 100bhp, and 53 ft lbs of torque – decent enough for a cooking middleweight roadster. One thing for advanced dyno fans to note is the air/fuel ratio below, which shows the bike running a bit rich. Sean reckons that means we’ll be able to get a few more ponies out of her when we fit a Power Commander or similar, even without changing anything else.



We’ve got some bits on their way for the GSX-S. And we’ll see exactly how the power changes over the season.