Parallel lives - Ducati Desmosedici RR and Samurai Type 5

Two bikes from the upper echelon of the motorcycle world, the £42,000 Desmosedici RR and the Samurai Type 5

High in motorcycling’s upper atmosphere, in a place visited only by entrepeneurs, retired Grand Prix riders and lottery winners, are bikes like Ducati’s £42,000 Desmosedici RR and the Type 5, a £27,000 ultra-chopper from Japanese cruiser kings Samurai.

In the name of science John Hogan, a sportsbike-riding father of three, spends a £69,000 weekend with both. If money really can buy you happiness, and if a bike really can be six times as good as a Japanese sports 600, he’s sure as hell going to find out.

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