Living with a 2008 KTM 950SM

Mr Tavner styles it on the KTM 950SM, designer stubble optional

August 2008

It’s been a bizarre few weeks for the 990sm a trip to KTM HQ for a new ignition block after some arsehole took a screwdriver to it and now it’s back with them again for a service and a new display panel. The recent heavy rain has wreaked havoc with water seeping into the unit rendering it initially unpredictable and eventually just killing it.

In between trips to the garage, however, I’ve managed to escape the office and head out for a good blast down to Wales for a day out at the BMW off road school and to see how the bike feels on a long jaunt.

Having queried the measly 95 miles I was getting to a tank in town I’m happy to report that it was giving me 140 miles on the open road at an average of 80 mph.

The seat was comfortable enough for the duration of the trip and the wind blast wasn’t dreadful. I have a screen on order which should offer more protection for the long journey to the Alps this summer.

With the exception of the handguards though not much has changed on the bike due to a lack of available parts so far but expect new add-ons next issue with the arrival of new cans from Wings, updated mapping and new tyres.

Costs so far

  • KTM handguards, £36.90. Complete the supermoto look, keep the wind of your fingers
  • Tank bag , £114.80. Very useful
  • 5,000 mile service, £360. Expensive for a five thousand mile service, but it’s a highly-stressed motor...

Miles: 5010