First look: 2014 Kawasaki J300

First impressions of Kawasaki's J300 maxi scooter

LAST week, we collected this 20-mile-old J300 from Kawasaki UK. It's one of our long-term test bikes for the year and we've already put almost 200 miles on it.

So far it's made perfect sense for the commute to and from work. It'll store my rucksack and helmet under the seat, my knees are out of the wind, it's relatively narrow and the digital petrol gauge hasn't dropped a bar since the tank was filled 70 miles ago.

The road I live on is peppered with speed-bumps which have exposed the J300's surprisingly firm suspension. You can't carry much more than 15mph unless you want a nice jolt to the 'nads. Saying that, although I haven't yet done any extended trips, the seat is well cushioned and a very comfortable place to be.

It steers faster than I expected too. I imagine the 14" front wheel and sharp steering angle are responsible for that, but one thing's for sure, the J300 is eager to nip in and out of gaps. Helped in by the generous steering lock, helped out by the punchy 28hp 299cc engine.

The panels that run alongside the footboards near your heels are all painted. It initially looks smarter than black plastic, but scuff marks are already starting to appear in the paint.

It's early days, but I plan to use the J300 soon for a trip to Italy or Spain. I have a feeling it has lots more to offer than being just a very capable commuter.

I'll report back soon when i've had a chance to cover some more miles, bring on the sunshine.

Model tested: Kawasaki J300

Price: £4,049

Power: 28hp

Kerb weight: 191kg

Seat height: 775mm

Availability: Now

Colours: black, silver, black/green

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