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Back-to-back test: Yamaha MT-10 vs BMW S1000R review

It’s naked 160hp superbike meets naked 160hp superbike. Stand back. Things could get broken.


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Great Review, however I have not ridden the S1000R as the local BMW could not get in time for me to ride. However I did ride the GSX-S1000 and I found more wind in your face compared to the MT10. looking at the S1000R i think it would be similar to GSX and this would put me off.

I am happy with my MT10 and have covered 500 miles in the first 2 weeks.

As an s1000r owner this review's more valuable than even the usual fine visordown articles. I'm obviously pleased to see that it's not worth me changing, but I suspect if I wanted to buy fresh I'd be looking at the mt10 first simply because of my fondness for yamahas and the better feel if not performance of that engine. But I also think Yam should make more of a classic roadster - street fighters are great but something less urgent would be better more of the time. So here's hoping an xsr arrives at some point.

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Obviously not written by anyone owning a new SuperDuke 1290 R.
180bhp (190 with Akra), 100ft-lbs, 193kg, amazing looks and even better sound.
Total comfort.

I guess if you can't scrape up another 3 or 4 grand for the SD and full titanium Akra it's what you have to do but then you will miss out on the LUDICROUS 50-150mph performance tsunami and all delivered under 10,000rpm.

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Mate, this is not a reasonable comparison. I'm a big fan of that 1290 (I have an V2 Tuono myself) but this is for a £10k bike not a £14-15k bike.

Admittedly the S1000R is prob nearer £12k if you go for that sport package, but the MT10 seems really good "value" for what you are getting for £10k.

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