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Back-to-back test: BMW R1200GS Adventure vs Honda Africa Twin review

The country’s two best-selling big bikes go head-to-head on road and trail


Actually if you were to install those cylinder head cover attachments, the valve cover could have been saved. Also i dont think its a fair off road comparison especially with those anakee. Or compare the AT with the F8 instead, specs are almost identical in terms of weight power torque and wheel sizes.

What a pair of enormous pose-boy tarts handbag barge whale dump trucks.
You did to find a trail either of these could handle - presumably a family car could've driven the same route.
These are the two wheel equivalent of an Q7 / X5 and about as much use off road.
Both these bikes represent the evolution of a good idea into something ludicrous, so far from the original that most of the point is lost. The original Dakar R80GS was lightweight (comparatively) and simple, park one next to this 1200 monstrosity and compare.
Laughing, laughing.

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You haven't got one, have you?
I have.
Laffing, laffing louder.........

If your spelling is indicative of your intelligence then I'm not in the least bit surprised you've got one - hope you enjoy it !

It's not a DS or adventure bike if you can't pick it up on your own, or if a low speed off immobilises it.

I would have the AT any day of the week, but that is just me.

Heard and seen far to many horror stories regarding the BMW shaft drive system failures, to ever own one with a shaft drive....

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