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Honda Africa Twin vlog review

Prattlings about the Africa Twin from the seat of the Africa Twin

I'VE HAD the manual version of the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin for a couple of weeks now.

I wrote some first impressions of it last week but I'm holding out writing anything more substantial until I've had a go on the DCT bike and tried riding it away from the tarmac.

But before I do scribble somehing longer, here's a video of me blathering on about the bike.


This and the other 'usage' vids and articles are enormously useful. Obviously great to read and see bikes at launch on race tracks or rough tracks in warm exotic locations, but even better to know if you could maybe live and use the thing and even like it at times other than the very rare occasions when you can push its limits to somewhere near the limit.

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Probably my future motorcycle...

Great to see a bike that's on my short list being reviewed on the same SW & Central London streets that I ride myself. Interested to hear you find it very capable but a little boring as that's what I'd expect too. Still, time for a test ride and let's see, eh?

I just wish more mfrs had medium weight, street capable, tall rounders that aren't watered down versions of their 1200cc models.

I want a premium, multi-cylindered supermoto with distance ability to replace my ageing KTM 990 SMT and there's not much out there....

Any bike is good enough for the street. Likewise, any dual-sport street tire is just fine, yet we continue to get test reports on them. Please tell us how dual sports, and dual sport tires, perform off-road - that's what makes them dual sports instead of imperfect street bikes.

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