XENA XX15 alarm disc lock

If the monobloc construction doesn't deter thieves, the 120dB alarm should..

New disc-lock from XENA, here's what they have to say about it:

As the world’s leading manufacturer of alarmed lock technology, XENA Security has developed an unrivalled understanding of how extraordinarily strong locks can be combined with intelligent alarm systems.

Their latest XX15 stainless-steel disc-lock alarm features an out-sized 60mm disc-slot and chunky 14mm locking pin, making the XX15 a better fit for larger brake discs.

All XENA disc-locks are a highly visible theft deterrent and come equipped with a loud 120dB warning siren powered by a single CR2 3volt Lithium battery. The XX15's carbide-reinforced substructure and 14mm double-locking pin prevent machines from being pushed or ridden by potential thieves.

If the motorcycle is tampered with, shock and motion sensors inside the lock trigger the piercing 120dB anti-theft alarm. All XENA disc-locks are self-arming and re-set to armed mode within 15 seconds.

The XX15’s high nickel-content, stainless-steel mono-block construction repels drill and hammer attacks, and ensures that the lock is 100% corrosion resistant for a long life.

For extra protection, the XX15’s lock and barrel is freeze spray resistant and pick-proof.

At just 760g, the perfectly portable XX15 can be easily stashed in luggage or in under-seat compartments, leaving it to hand whenever the machine is left unattended.

Tested and approved to Classe SRA – required for insurance in France - the XX15 Alarmed Disc Lock is available at a retail price of £76.60 (including VAT). For details of their complete range call 01256 704909 or visit www.motohaus.com.