Bargain jet washer from Halfords

If only I'd bought it sooner... or later?

This Halfords jet washer has been one of the best things I've picked up all year, I wish I bought it much earlier than I did. Or should that be much later? Let me explain:

Tight is my middle name and every time I walked into Halfords I told myself I'd buy one, but instead I opted to keep my cash in my pocket and use a bit more elbow grease instead. Now I've been using it for 3 months, I wouldn't want to go back to cleaning without it.

It makes jobs like cleaning your wheels and undertray so much easier and dead flies plastered to the front of my bike don't stand a chance. It requires so much less effort to get my bikes clean - and in half the time it usually took. So now test bikes go back to the manufacturer really clean and not just quickly wiped down with a wet cloth...

But it's not just the bike I've used it on; I've cleaned the cars, all the windows of my house, my fence and garage doors.

So you can see why I'm gutted I didn't buy it earlier. However, I'm also gutted I didn't hang on a bit and buy it later. When I picked mine up, they were £79.99 but now they're on special offer at £39.99. Argh!

You can pick one up from Halfords with this link: Halfords HP1400 jet washer. I'd highly recommend it.