Used Review: Uvex Enduro

4000 miles on, how has the Uvex held up?

In January I started wearing the latest adventure-touring Uvex Enduro helmet. The Enduro provides a versatile list of 'how-to wear' options; starting with the straight-out-of-the-box peak and the excellent un-mistable bowed visor, sans peak or simply stripped the visor for the peak and some goggles for an off road assault, the Uvex Enduro is an all-round helmet for a modest £189. But how has it held up?

The truth is the visor has been truly mist free. It simply refuses to steam up which can be very handy, especially through the cold winter months. Uvex have used their class winning ski goggle technology to make a visor that looks great but also retains excellent visibility qualities making this Enduro lid pretty damn practical.

A practicality issue that is inherrant is if you choose to wear this sort of helmet on the road, you have to accept that they are often less air tight and quite noisy due to their all-round nature when compared to the 'normal' benchmark Arai or Shoei helmets. Surprisingly the Uvex is quieter than some standard lids I’ve worn over the years. Sure the wind noise is louder than my £400 AGV road helmet but it’s still reasonably quiet for a helmet that retails at less than £200.

The padding has remained supportive and snug whilst odor free and overall it still looks like brand new inside. Heading off road, the Enduro lives up to the riding type of it's name and remains fitted to your head like your own hair, it doesn’t bounce around or shift backward and forwards.

The visibility through the visor gives an above par field of view of what is ahead of you and with a steady trickle of air filtering through the vents it’s keeps my head well ventilated, making it a pleasure to wear in the summer.

Overall a the Uvex Enduro is a great lid for a great price.

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