Used review: B-Square magnetic tank bag review

The perfect tank bag for under £20. Shame it’s not easier to buy one

THIS is actually a Lidl tank bag. B-Square is the brand name used by the supermarket for its motorcycle accessories. That means it was cheap: only £19.99.

Nevertheless it has been karting around my junk for several years and tens of thousands of miles, and remains my preferred means to do so. I get slightly annoyed with bikes that have plastic tanks, because I can't use it.

It expands from 15 to 32 litres, or from fairly small to huge enough for a full-face helmet.

It's got rucksack straps hidden under the detachable magnetic base, and a carry handle.

The main compartment zips lock, with a little padlock. You wouldn't leave a laptop in there but it's useful for gloves when you pop into a shop.

There's also a fold-away waterproof cover, although I've never used it, finding the bag keeps out most water anyway.

In short, it's really well designed and made, by someone who understands what's useful in a tank bag.

Some months ago the seam on the edge of the magnetic base split, exposing one of the magnets inside. I tried a new, more expensive tank bag for a while but it's not as versatile. It consists of two compartments that zip together, so it can't take a big object like a helmet. Now I've gone back to the £20 Lidl one.

I hope to get another one the same but the one annoying thing about it is you can't just buy one when you want. You have to keep checking Lidl's website to find out when individual stores will next stock motorcycle accessories. 

Price: £19.99