New: handlebar power socket

No need for half a dozen electrical accessories wired to your battery anymore

IF you've got half a dozen electric accessories wired to your battery, and you’re fed up with using wire crimpers, this power socket could make life easier.

The 12-volt socket is handlebar-mounting and includes a USB adapter, so you can plug in your heated vest, sat nav, mobile phone or whatever else you want with minimal messing around.

It costs £49.32.

Makers SW-Motech say: ‘This Universal Electric Kit provides a power supply for electric accessories through a cigarette lighter type outlet.

‘The Kit includes two brackets, so that the outlet can be mounted to either 22 mm or 28 mm diameter handlebars and it is also possible to screw the outlet directly onto the fairing on many motorcycles. A USB Adapter, supplied with the kit, plugs into the outlet so that electronic devices can be charged on the move without requiring special chargers.

‘The cigarette lighter outlet is rated at 12V/15A and comes with a cable that can be connected direct to the motorcycle battery. The USB Adapter is rated at 5V.’

Price: £49.32