Used: AGV AX8 Dual EVO review

A Motocross Enduro and streetbike helmet all in one.

I met a bloke at a Mototcross experience day a while back and he was asking what helmet he should buy for his adventure bike trip through Morocco. He had no idea what style was best for him and to be honest with some many helmet options available I get his confusion.

The AGV AX8 Dual Evo is an all-in-one helmet that is designed to addresses that issue. The Dual Evo is light enough to be used as a motocross helmet, Remove the visor attach the peak and pull over your goggles and off you go. Leave the visor on and remove the peak and you have a street helmet or, leave the visor on and attach the peak and you have an enduro helmet.

Importantly the visor is thick and with a reassuring clunk down forming a water tight seal. Without the visor there is plenty of room to accommodate goggles and the peak does its job just fine.

The Material of the inner skull cap is covered by plastic that can be wiped clean at your brow which is a feature often overlooked by other motocross helmets and the D-strap fastening is located out of the way with long straps that help with easy of fastening.

The Skull and cheek padding is removable for washing the Carbon Kevlar shell can also be submersed and washed.

The vents provide a decent airflow at speed and the removable chin and nose isolators work well in directing airflow to the right places and reducing wind noise.

I’ve used this AGV AX8 mostly for Motocross but on the odd occasion I’ve been Trail riding and found the comfort of using a visor instead of goggles and real bonus.

The Dual evo feels well made and the interior lining is plush and reassuringly padded. The shell design offers more protection at the chin bar and mouth areas than others to help you if you crash face down.

The AGV AX8 Dual evo has proven to be a versatile multi-use helmet that’s suited my amateur Motocross /Enduro riding brilliantly.

The AGV AX8 Dual Evo retails at £289 and comes in three shell sizes in white, Black and Titanium Grey.

You can see the UK distributors page here