Ultimate Christmas Biker Gifts

That time of the year is almost upon us... so stiffen your sinews and buckle up for our ultimate Christmas Biker Gifts guide

Struggling for ideas about what to buy your biker for Christmas this year? Look no further than our definitive guide to bike-related gifts.

We wanted to put together a list of the very best - this is serious present-giving - whilst catering for an array of budgets. Read on for our hot tips this Christmas period...

If you're looking for slightly smaller gifts, see our guide to stocking fillers.

The Interphone iPhone 4 Holder

Interphone have produced this snazzy mountable iPhone holder for those who can't afford to be 'offline' for the length of time it takes to ride somewhere (read: someone who can't bear to be without Facebook for a single minute). The case is tough as old boots and the iPhone clips in and out with the minimum of fuss. A great gift for the biker that needs to stay connected this Christmas. 

Interphone iPhone 4 Holder - £49.99

Club MSV Trackday Vouchers

Perhaps the ultimate biker gift? A voucher for a track day at one of five of Britain's top circuits. For one day only anybody can live the dream at Brands Hatch or Snetterton. Vouchers come in £50 denominations and can be used towards any event run by Club MSV. 

Club MSV Trackday Voucher - £50 denominations

Alpinestars Quick Seal Out set

During these inclement winter months, the weather can be a biker's worst enemy. Equip your biking loved one for every scenario with the Alpinestars Quick Seal-out kit. Packaged up neatly in a drawstring bag, these waterproof jacket and trousers can be thrown on in a pinch over the rest of your gear to provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. Avaliable in a range of colours, we personally favour the bright high-vis this Christmas - aptly, the wearer is immediately illuminated like a gaudy Christmas tree. 

Alpinestars Quick Seal Out jacket and trousers - £89.99

Halfords Advanced Professional 90 Piece Socket Set

Does your bike-owning gift recipient like to tinker? Of course he/she/it does. This Halfords tool set is for them. This attractive package provides the vast majority of tools needed for the vast majority of jobs. No biker should be without tools, from the perpetual adjuster to those only tangentially interested in the details of what is rumbling along underneath them - it is just one of those facts of life, bikes need fixing. Why not make sure your biker is well equipped with quality tools this Christmas?

Halfords Advanced Professional 90 Piece Socket Set - £59.99

Uglyfish Eyewear Multipack

A neat little package - made in Australia to European standards, these shades allow the wearer to chop and change between three different lens types dependent on the situation. These include hi-def, specially designed for winter riding on dull days and a set with comfortable cushioning to create goggles. Perfect gift for that four seasons rider in your life.   

Ugly Fish Eyewear multi-pack - £39.99

Triumph Heritage Satchel bag

A great gift for the younger biker or enthusiast, this satchel bag will make your biker the talk of the campus. Sporting Triumph branding and vintage finishing, with a smart Union Jack inner lining, this bag would be a joy to, er... put books into and carry around. The bag has a real high-quality feel and looks superb, certainly a cut above the sort of tat that can pass for bike merchandise - a great gift this Christmas. 

Heritage Satchel Bag – £70

Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit

Muc-Off can be relied upon to provide the right bits and pieces for keeping your bike clean and shiny, and this all-in-one cleaning essentials kit puts everything you need in one neat package. Featuring a litre of Muc-Off cleaner, a  300ml bike spray, a wheel and component brush and microcell sponge, the whole package can be easily carried around in a neat storage bag. What biker doesn't like to keep his ride clean?

Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit - £25.00 

Bull-It 'Laser' Covec jeans

Kevlar jeans are a matter of some debate - some swear by them, others despise them as hot, heavy and ill-fitting. Bull-It understand these complaints which is why they have attempted to remedy all of the above with their range. Covec, the textile they have engineered themselves, is apparently 67% more durable than kevlar. These jeans, from the 'Laser' range will look great on or off the bike - motorcycling jeans that you can actually wear to the pub, they've caused quite a stir in the office. 

Bull-It Laser jeans - £129.99

Twin helmet rack from Busters

A neat, useful gift for those who like to make the most of their space. Every biker needs somewhere to keep their helmet safe and away from the ravages of daily life. Once it's taken an impact, a helmet is useless, so why let that impact be because your helmet dropped from the shelf it was perched on? Better to keep it above the fray on it's own personal shelf. 

Busters Twin helmet rack - £24.99

Kiddimoto Suzuki GSX-R

Just brilliant. Why they don't manfacture a larger one aimed specifically at the 'racing around the office' market, it's impossible to say. One of the most fun toys we never had as kids and genuinely beneficial for the development of balance (and strategically sowing the seeds of two-wheeled future), we reckon your youngster would be thrilled to unwrap one of these on Christmas morning. 

Kiddimoto Suzuki GSX-R - £99.00