Christmas Biker Gifts: Stocking fillers

That time of year is fast approaching...

For the benefit of those out there with a biker in their lives, we have compiled the ten best motorcycle-related stock fillers - all to be had for under £25. 

As you probably know, bikers can be difficult to buy for - kit can get expensive, and next to impossible to correctly identify for the uninitiated. But fear not! Our inexpensive gift ideas are sure to be a hit. 

Renthal Grips

Here is the perfect stocking filler for those wanting to give their bike a bit of a professional look. Comfortable racing grips and convenient velcro-secured covers to protect them in a mucky workshop environment are a great little gift for the biker who is perhaps a little too protective of his/her pride and joy (is there such a thing?).

Renthal Dual Layer Grips - £10.20
Renthal Clean Grips - £3.78

Kawasaki boxers

What better gift for the man in your life than the opportunity to 'subtly' pay tribute to a iconic motorbike brand? These Kawasaki boxers are the chance to do just that, sporting the classic logo - guaranteed to make any man look Beckham-esque of a Christmas morn.

Kawasaki boxers - £17.95

Alpinestars Racing Road socks

What sort of Christmas stocking doesn't include socks? Granted, most probably don't include high-tech, knee-length socks featuring Coolmax technology and reinforced soles. These Alpinestars socks are designed to keep moisture away from the skin, and feature a ribbed designed aimed at reducing bunching and increasing comfort.

Alpinestars Racing Road socks - £19.99

Forcefield under-gloves

An absolutely vital part of keeping the cold at bay during the Christmas period for any biker is layering. These gloves provide the perfect underlayer to thicker gloves, keeping hands toasty despite howling winds and driving rain. They are windproof and sport advanced technology for rapidly moving moisture away from the skin. Seasonal!

Forcefield gloves - £21.99

Oxford Brute Force

Bike security - no debate, it is important. Make it easier for your biker this Christmas by allowing him or her to secure their pride and joy solidly to the floor - an inexpensive and reliable solution. What better gift than peace of mind in the holiday season!

Oxford Brute Force - £20

Optimate battery accessories

These novel gadgets from Optimate are a great option - to be filed in the 'very useful gifts' category. This range of accesories attach to your bike's battery, and includes a Universal USB Charger (compatible with Apple and Garmin products among others), a 12-volt LED flashlight and the Charge Now attachment which issues a warning light when your battery voltage drops below 12.5 volts, reducing the chances of that dreaded flat battery.

Your recipient may end up bitterly, but sincerely, thanking you for the Charge Now when the bike won't move on Boxing Day morning...

Universal USB Charger - £24.99
12-volt LED Flashlight - £17.99
Charge Now - £15.99

Moto Guzzi plaque

Moto Guzzi has always provided a bit more cool than the average, and they continue to do so via their merchandising which is a significant cut above the usual rubbish peddled by bike brands looking to make a buck on the side. This metal wall-mounted plaque is a great tribute to Guzzi's long history and would look great on the wall of the garage - it features six classic bikes. 

Moto Guzzi commemorative plaque - £15.99

Muc-Off ComPac Emergency Kit

Muc-Off's neat ComPac Emergency Kit is a great gift for any biker - containing chain lube, helmet and visor cleaner, microfibre cloth and pack of handwipes (ideal for cleaning your hands after using your supplied chain lube, for example...), the ComPac kit should see you through most day-to-day hiccups. The whole package is neatly packed away in a plastic case for easy storage. 

Muc-Off Compac Emergency Kit - £15.00

Harley Davidson Oil Can mug

If your beloved biker not only likes tea, but likes to drink large goblets full of the stuff, this mug is surely a no-brainer. A great, big, Harley-Davidson motor oil-branded barrel of a mug, sure to bring a smile to the face of every dedicated two-wheel addict this Christmas.

Harley-Davidson Oil Can Mug - £13.49

Laser Lite earplugs

A great stocking filler - hearing protection is something too few people understand the value of on their bike. At highway speeds, wind noise is well over 100 db, just one hour of exposure at 110 db will damage your hearing. At 115 db it takes only 15 minutes. You only get one set of eardrums! Grab a bunch of these and encourage your biker to block up those lug holes - you'll never regret it. 

Twenty pairs at Amazon - £2.49