Tucano Urbano Tucano Urbano Set Diluvio Pro Waterproofs | Review

Set Diluvio Pro Waterproofs

Visordown puts the Tucano Urbano Set Diluvio Pro motorcycle waterproofs to the ultimate test through the very rainy month of September.

Premium feel and superb water protection

Available from: www.tucanourbano.com/en/ 

Price £129.99

The Set Diluvio Pro comes in a unisex style and is available in; XS – 4XL.

We’ve been wearing Tucano Urbano's new Set Diluvio Pro waterproofs for just over a month, with the heavens opening multiple times putting the newly unveiled motorcycle waterproofs through their paces.  

Diluvio Pro First Impressions

I never thought motorcycle waterproofs could be practical and stylish, but Tucano Urbano has managed just that. The Set Diluvio Pro comes in two flat pouches (see above). Opening the pouches reveals the lightweight and high tech HYDROSCUD waterproof jacket and trousers. The quality of the Set Diluvio Pro was apparent from the get-go, and they look like they’ve been styled by a designer - which is somewhat unheard of in the world of motorcycle waterproofs.

The YKK zips have a smooth action and feel solid, which is important when you’ve got thick winter gloves on and might be a bit heavy-handed. 

So, they look and feel great, but are they waterproof? Well, fortunately, there was plenty of wet weather to test them out in. And with a CE-approved HYDROSCUD polyester outer coupled with a breathable, windproof, waterproof and high water column resistant inner membrane, I was in little doubt. However, being a ‘professional’ one had to venture out into the wet wilderness to be sure.

Diluvio Pro jacket main features:

  • Fluorescent yellow outer in accordance with standard EN 20471:2013

  • Storm trap on the central zip

  • Reflective print on sleeves, yoke (front and back) and at the back hemline

  • Velcro adjustment on cuffs and collar - Drawstring at the bottom hemline

  • Anti-flap adjustment on the sleeves - Elastic closure on cuffs

  • 1 outside pocket at the bottom of the jacket - 1 interior pocket

Testing the Set Diluvio Pro

Placing on the Diluvio jacket over the top of your padded jacket couldn’t be easier, as the insides have a smooth wax-like coating - minimising snagging. The trousers are much the same, but they have a huge adjustable Maxi pleat opening at the bottom. No faffing about taking boots on and off. Big plus. In fact, the opening is so big I could fit my head in there (not advised), and with a simple adjustment, the trouser can be wrapped snug around your leg or boot.  

The jacket waist has two velcro adjustment straps and the trousers also have an elastic adjuster to get them fitting just right. 

With everything adjusted, it was time to [reluctantly] take out my Fireblade in what can only be described as a small monsoon (see above). After 30 minutes of commuter styled stop-start riding - at what felt like idle throttle - not once did I have that classic wet groin feeling, likely due to the trousers reinforced seams and inserts on the inside leg. The jacket too performed flawlessly, and in damp dark conditions, it’s hard to miss thanks to its vivid fluorescent colour. 

In numerous less extreme wet commutes, the Diluvio Pro set proved itself time and time again. I couldn’t ask more of it. Impressive water/windproofing; lightweight; stylish; and makes you stand out like a Christmas tree. Sorry, too soon...

The Diluvio Pro WP set would be ideal for an intrepid daily commuter. The pouch system is inspired, and it means the waterproofs can be efficiently flat-packed into the front of a rucksack or tank bag on longer rides - being deployed if required. Plus, the amount of adjustment at the ankle makes chucking the set on and off a breeze. No more awkward one leg hopping at the side of the road. 

It’s a 5-star rating from me, but why not try them out for yourself? 

If you're looking for a premium set of waterproofs without the premium price tag, then the Tucano Urbano Set Dilivio Pro might float your boat.  

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