Tested: Weise Docklands retro leather jacket review, £199.99

Tested: Weise Docklands retro leather jacket review, £199.99

Affordable style

REBOUNDING from brightly-coloured fashion crimes of the 1990s and naughties, motorcycling has found taste again, in the new wave custom scene and everything that goes with it.

Like this jacket from Weise, which is affordable, at a penny under £200, and cool enough for Fonzie.


Weise is a mid-priced, affordable brand but this could pass for a much more expensive jacket than it is.

Details like the crisscross stitched elbow patches with soft-armour padding inside lend it an authentic vintage feel. But you also get modern safety standards, because behind them is the real CE-approved hard armour.

There also armour at the shoulders and back, as you’d expect.

You get six pockets, four on the outside and two inside, and it all seems well constructed and not very likely to disintegrate the moment it touches asphalt.

Plus there's a removable thermal lining. 


It’s a bit square-shaped. That’s probably the only giveaway that it isn’t a more expensive jacket, with a more stylish fit.

The back protector it came with is simply too big and bulky for the jacket, and seems to sit too high up, so you look like you’re smuggling a surfboard. I took all the armour out and wear a different back protector and shoulder/elbow pads underneath in a separate lightweight Knox vest.

There’s no point in a supposedly stylish jacket that looks daft.


Swap that huge back protector for something better fitting and it’s a winner: a good-looking, well-constructed retro leather jacket at an affordable price.  

Product tested: Weise Docklands leather jacket

Price: £199.99


1990s: incorrect

2017: correctamundo