Tested: TCX X-Blend waterproof boots review

Tested: TCX X-Blend waterproof boots review

Bike boots I can wear all day, every day

THESE are my favourite boots, managing to serve me equally well on the bike and off.

I’ve been using them on my 60-mile ride to work in some fairly disgusting winter weather, including torrential rain. They’ve kept my feet dry, so far delivering on their claim to be waterproof.

The tongue is joined to the rest of the outer, as you’d find in a hiking book, so the waterproof membrane seamlessly envelopes your foot up to the ankle.

I don’t think I’ve found a boot that could be called ‘warm’ in winter but these are well-lined and have proved as near to warm as any. With some thermal socks, I’ve arrived at work with toes that are numb but don't require ampuation.

They make reasonable concessions to safety. There’s hard armour at the ankle, a sturdy toe and reasonably thick soles to save my feet from getting squashed sideways. They lace up high enough and well enough for the likelihood of them staying on my feet to seem high.

Finally, they’re very comfortable boots to walk in – and they look acceptable as boots to walk it, too.

Obviously they don’t offer the level protection afforded by uncompromised motorcycle boots, with shin armour. Neither can you tuck your trousers into them, as you can with the former, so up-the-leg water ingress is a possibility if your waterproofs aren’t sufficiently long.

Depending on where you buy them (and what size you need), price seems to range from about £100 to £160, so shop around.

I suspect in the summer the waterproof membrane might create some feet overheating issues. For now, I wear them all day, every day, which is why they’re my favourite boots.

They come in black (like mine, pictured above) or brown (below).

I wore them for our recent Triumph Bobber review, which you can watch below.

Product tested: TCX X-Blend waterproof boots

Price: £160