Review: Racer High Racer gloves- £159.99

Racer High Racer gloves

Race-ready leather gloves with superlative comfort

I ALWAYS expect a virgin set of summer leather gloves to be little tight and uncomfortable until my hands have had their wicked ways with them for a 100 or so miles, but these bright white beauties from Racer have defied my expectations.

The Racer High Racer gloves are superbly comfy, and have been from the start. Thanks to the sublimely soft, supple and tough tan-coloured Kangaroo leather palms, they also get top marks for feel through to the bars and levers.

Protection is of a standard I’d expect, with carbon-fibre armour over the knuckles and hand bones, plus armour on the fingers and thumbs. The chunky Knox palm slider are nice and reassuring and go unnoticed while riding. There’s also a finger bridge between the little finger and ring finger, to stop finger roll in the event of an accident.

The gauntlet comes up quite high – hence the name, and features a piece of armour on the outside of the arm, which offers additional reassurance. It easily and comfortably fits over all my leathers. 

Venting is OK because with just the gauntlet area around the wrist and side of the fingers featuring perforations, there’s not huge airflow. The only thing I can think of to make these better is the addition of a bit of padding under the blob of armour at the outside of the wrist, which I can occasionally feel against my wrist.

The Racer High Racers are much more comfortable and supple than many more expensive gloves I’ve tried and offer excellent protection. If you’re fussy about finding glvoes that offer a perfect fit, these are definitely worth a try – and they come in a wide range of sizes too.

Tested: Racer High Racer gloves

Price: £159.99

Sizes: XS – 3XL

Colours: White and black

Contact: Tranam