Furygan Steed Jeans Review

Furygan Steed Jeans

Competitively priced, high quality riding jeans with Kevlar fibre panels and knee + hip armour

Stretch Denim comfort and outer zipper for knee armour

Price: £159.99 | Availability: now | www.nevis.uk.com

I should’ve reviewed the Furygan Steed jeans a long time ago, but I’ve been wearing them so much I haven’t had the chance to grab some proper pictures. Both for riding and casual wear these jeans are mega stylish, with the added protection of D30 armour and a Kevlar butt lining. Plus, the Steed's stretchy construction creates a slim but comfortable fit, and unless someone has a keen eye they’re not going to realise these are proper motorcycle jeans.


The Steed’s have the appearance of normal denim jeans, but Furygan added 2% Elasthane, which adds stretch. With this clever material added, taking the jeans on and off is a breeze, and if you’re a lanky bugger (like me) sitting on smaller bikes is a hella easy. Also, there’s a Kevlar lining around the butt area, which is plenty big enough to protect your backside if required.   

Comfort and fit

The comfort is great as the denim is soft to the touch, and feels breathable even in 18 degree plus heat (which is a lot for the UK). The fit is slim, so I would recommend going for the size above that which you would normally, just for a bit of breathing room. Sizes range from 36 – 50, and as per always best to try before you buy.


Knee and hip protection is the classic D30 variety which I found to be very comfortable, and almost unnoticeable. The only time I noticed the knee protection was when my knees got a little sweaty under direct sunlight in static traffic, but as soon as you get moving It’s fine.

Removing the D30 armour couldn’t be easier as the knee pads have a zip hidden on outside of the pants leg, which is the best thing ever – why don’t more riding jeans have this?!

Colours and Designs

The Steed’s are available in black, grey and blue. I went for the blue ones in the end, but all the colours look nice and casual. 


One look at these jeans and I was sold, and after wearing them for two months constantly I feel the exact same. They’re comfortable, yet practical and I think are some of the best-looking jeans on the market.

Personally, I love them. And I find myself reaching for these over my leather jeans 80% of the time. why not give them a go yourself?

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