Furygan Luxio reinforced Hoodie review

Furygan Luxio hoodie

We test out the new Furygan Luxio hoodie.

Light & comfortable
No inside pocket

Price: £129.99 | Availability: now | www.nevis.uk.com

I’ve been rocking the new Furygan Luxio hoodie for just under 2 months now and it’s awesome! Furgan has made casual motorcycle kit even more casual, whilst still maintaining all the protections of a regular textile jacket, thanks to the Luxio’s complement of D30 motorcycle armour. No more walking into a food outlet and being mistaken for an Uber delivery rider, no more judgmental looks in a pub as you get shady… with the Luxio you blend in like a normal respectable (hooded) civilian.


The Hoodie sports a 100% polyester construction, which in practical terms is good for durability and cleaning. The internal armour pockets slightly differ as they are 60% Kevlar and 40% Polyester, which is a proven magical combination of materials that has saved my skin a couple of times…

Comfort and Fit

I opted for the size XL (chest 45-48) as I like kit to be a little baggy, but sizes range from S all the way to 4XL. I found the comfort to be superb, just as you would expect from any hoodie, but one thing to bare in mind is that it isn’t as warm (or as waterproof) as a thermal lined GORE-TEX textile jacket, so perhaps chuck it on for short hops or on a hot summers day – a rare phenomenon in the UK.


The hoodie comes with D30 shoulder and elbow protected straight out of the box, with the elbow protection being the largest I’ve seen ever, covering about half of your forearm. And as not to miss out on the back-protection party, the Luxio has a zipped slot for a level 1 D30 back protector too.


Nothing special to see here just two well sized waist pockets, which are just big enough to fit a smart phone and wallet in together. One thing the Luxio could do with in my opinion is an inside chest pocket, but it’s not a deal breaker.


The Luxio is available in black and grey, both nice neutral colours which go well with Kevlar jeans.


Being an urban dweller I jumped at the chance to get the new Furygan Luxio hoodie, because it’s ideal for short rides to the gym or shops. Granted, on longer journeys it’s not as ideal as it's not waterproof or windproof, but at town and city speeds it’s brilliant - and looks cool as heck.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, durable and safe reinforced hoodie then the Luxio might just be for you. 

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