Spidi Spidi Warrior Wind Pro race suit review

Spidi Race Warrior Wind Pro suit review

Visordown has been spending some time on road and track with Spidi’s top of the range Warrior Wind Pro race suit. Here’s what we’ve found out

AS the 2019/2020 launch season began to ramp up, my old set of scuffed and saggy leathers were starting to look a little long in the tooth.

After much deliberation, I settled on the Spidi Warrior Wind Pro race suit as the perfect set up, in that it’s sporty but not as extremely cut as some of the other track suit offerings from the company.

Spidi Race Warrior Wind Pro price

The leathers have an RRP of £909.99. That makes the Race Warrior Wind Pro cheaper than the comparable Laguna Seca from Dainese (£989.95).

For more information on this and all of Spidi's other products, head here: spidiuk.com

Spidi Warrior Wind Pro construction

The exterior of the suit is a mix of hi-grain cowhide that is 1.1/1.3mm thick. Linking the leather panels are elastic flex Tenax Nylon panels, chosen for their high flexibility properties and abrasion resistance.

The whole suite – without back or chest protector weighs about 4.5kg. Making it lighter and better spec’d than my old RST R-16 one-piece leathers.

The front of the suit is perforated above the waist on both sides of the zip, along with perforations on the rear-mounted aerodynamic hump and also on either side of the inner thigh.

Despite the small size of the perforations, the large number of them and their strategic positioning means even the hottest road or track launch is as bearable as it could possibly be. The textile panels that join the leather sections of the suit together also allow a surprising amount of air through, adding to the fresh and comfortable feeling of wearing the suit in 30° conditions.

Spidi Warrior Wind Pro sizing

The suit is available in sizes 46 to 58, although these are EU sizes and modelled on the svelte frame of an Italian. If you can, get a decent measurement and go by the sizing guide below. Even better than that, get to a dealer, or one of the bike shows and try one on. It’s really the only way to know for sure.

I’m a 34” waist, 5’7” tall and about 12-stone in weight and opted for the size 50. The first time I got the Warrior Wind Pro out and tried it on, it was a tad on the tight side, with plenty of dancing around in circles trying to get my arms in. It didn’t take long to bed the leathers in though, by just a couple of trackdays and some weekend blasts enough to make the suite feel supple yet supportive and easy to get in and out of.


The YKK zip on the front is full length and secured at the top by a chunky Velcro flap. The tab on the Velcro flap is really big and looks a bit clumsy at first, but it makes it so much easier to use when you're wearing your gloves prior to going out on the track.

The cuffs have YKK zippers on each arm and are backed up by a small Velcro tab. Both the zip and the tab are small enough that they nestle behind a small internal storm-flap meaning you can’t feel them when your gloves are done up tight.

Each leg is also fastened with YKK zip that joins the textile sections of the leg of the suit together.

Spidi Warrior Wind Pro features


The leathers feature Force-Tech removable protectors in the shoulder and elbows. They conform to CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 and are thin enough and pliable enough that they don’t restrict your movement or feel uncomfortable.

There is space in the suit for a back and chest protector, although if you’re going to opt for one make sure you factor that into your sizing assumptions.

There are also fixed internal hip protectors built-in and most importantly the whole suit is CE approved to the latest EU/89/686/ECC Directive.


The suit also has a space in the aerodynamic hump for a Hydroback drinking system to be installed. The kit allows you to stay hydrated during long rides and track sessions. Because most of the time I’m wearing the leathers is either short track sessions, or mid/long-distance road rides with lots of stopping, I didn’t opt for the kit. If you spend long days in the saddle or do some touring, the Hydroback is a must, and at £30 it’s damn good value too!


Surprisingly for a suit that sits closer to the race side of the equation than anything else, the Spidi Race Warrior Wind Pro suit is exceptionally comfortable. And after protection, that’s one of the most important things to have out of a set of leathers. If you aren’t comfortable you can’t concentrate, it’s harder to get into position and ultimately, your riding will suffer.

Helping to keep you feeling comfy and fresh is an internal liner that’s made of breathable material. The liner is held in place by small Velcro tabs around the collar, small poppers in the cuff and loops and poppers in the ankle.


The suit is available in five colour schemes. Black white and red, black and white, orange and black (as worn), black white and fluro yellow and black white and orange. Overall I think the leathers have a nice retro vibe going on and I really like the fact the orange is so bright you can probably see it from space. I’ve don’t the boring black only leathers already and got fed up of blending in with the stacks of spare tyres by the Pirelli van!


If you are looking for a suit that'll work while on track and road, with all the features of a top-spec race suit and none of the excess cost - you cannot overlook this option from Spidi. It's extremely comfortable, brilliantly constructed and looks brilliant. The fact that you can then choose to spec up the suit with back and chest protectors or even a Hydroback kit means you have less to outlay in the first place and can spread the cost of getting the leathers you want at the price you need.