Six new motorcycle accessories you need to see

The next step for motorcycle technology

NEW TECHNOLOGY is constantly being introduced to motorcycle accessories in an attempt to take our riding experience to the next step. Although some of us may feel that this is infact taking us away from 'real' riding, we certainly can't say we aren't intrigued.

So here's a look at six of the latest items, soon to be or already, on the market.

Interested in any of the products? Here's some more information:

6. BrakeFree: The Smart Brake Light for Motorcyclists

5. TurnPoint Smart Motorcycle Glove

4. Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

3. Nelson-Rigg Deluxe Motorcycle Cover

2. Ogio No Drag Urban Active Backpack

1. ROAME Zeros: Wireless Blinker/Brake Light Motorcycle Shoes

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