Sidi Sidi Vertigo 2 motorcycle boots | Review

Sidi Vertigo 2 motorcycle boots | Review

We’ve been testing out the second generation of the Sidi Vertigo motorcycle boots on the road and the race track. Here’s what we think of them.

Look awesome, great CE Level 2 protection rating
Track focus results in slightly less comfort

So, after ten years of the Vertigo 1 boots being enjoyed by track addicts all across the globe, Sidi finally thought it time to bring out a new and improved more streamlined second generation. 

The Vertigo 2 boots feature subtle upgrades, which are not obvious at first glance, but collectively add up to a CE level 2 certified summer track boot - which can be used for the road applications if need be.

Price: £249.99 - £224.99 - Available at SIDI

First Impressions

After placing my toes into the Vertigo 2’s for the first time, it was clear that these boots aren’t about pure satisfying comfort. Instead, the thin level of internal padding and numerous external protections, indicate that the Vertigo 2 is built for speed, protection, and efficiency. 

And yes, after all my rants about buckles and clips, I’ve finally succumbed to the allure that such fiddly bits offer to the end-user; such as a tight secure fit, and extra foot protection on the race track.


The outside skin of the boot is Technomicro Microfibre, lined with an air Teflon mesh and Cambrelle (which has excellent wicking properties). All Supported by a firm, yet flexible enough, rubber top sole. By my calculations, that makes this boot vegan-friendly. 

The trick external exoskeleton protection around the upper shin, and ankle is constructed of 100% nylon and reinforced with fiberglass. The lower shock resistant heel protection is made up of polyurethane. 

Although there’s a load of protection on offer from the Vertigo 2’s, at no point was it limiting or uncomfortable to find the rear brake and gear shifter - even as I squashed my 6ft 4 frame onto a Ninja ZX-6R.  

These boots do feel stiff, but you can tell they’re built to last, with many of the protections being swappable (if damaged) via the removal of easy access 3mm screws.


The Vertigo 2’s level of protection is very high, and the boot is packed with neat and advanced forms of foot defense. Such as: 

•Fixed Shin Plates 

•Anti-Twist Ankle Support Braces 

•Replaceable toe Sliders 

•Shock Absorbing Heel Cups 

Fortunately, I haven’t had to test how well these features work, although I came pretty close during an off-track excursion at Brands Hatch. And having to remove gravel from the inside of the boots after returning to the pits with my tail between my legs. 

All of the protections create a Level 2 CE approved boot, which is more than safe enough to use at the track and on the road. 

Fit and comfort

•Zipper Elastic Panels 

•Tecno 3 Iron Mechanism To Adjust Leg Circumference 

•Side Air Ventilation System (adjustable)

•Nylon Inner Sole With Removable Arch Support

After wearing these boots all-day at Goodwood FoS, I feel confident in saying these are not designed for such activities. They’re track-focused boots, and whilst not uncomfortable, they aren’t the most comfortable - if worn for long periods of time. 

On a motorcycle, they feel great but when casually walking around (enjoying the sights), the stiff sole doesn’t provide much comfort - although it’s very grippy on the pegs.

The trendy looking micrometric ratchet looks pucker and works a treat for adjusting the boot closer or further away from your shin - for that ideal snug fit. 

Available sizes: 

39 - 40  - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49 -50


All in all, I’m impressed with the overall style of the Vertigo 2 boot and pack them into my bag every track day I attend, because the Level 2 CE protection would help massively if I took a tumble.

If you're in the market for a sporty looking track-focused boot, with a great level of protection then look no further. The Sidi Vertigo 2’s are a great choice and are available at a very competitive price point.