RST RST TracTech Evo R one-piece leathers | Review

RST TracTech Evo R one-piece leathers

We’ve been testing the one-piece RST Tractech Evo R motorcycle suit during the height of summer. Here’s what we make of it.

For a penny under £500 the Evo R’s level of protection is second to none.
Great price with the highest level of protection
Cuff velcro is a little uncomfortable unstrapped

With Goodwood FoS and a Brands Hatch GP trackday looming, I needed a one-piece suit that didn’t break the bank, but that also had all the racey mods which help protect your body if things go South. After a quick bit of research, the TracTech Evo R fitted the bill perfectly, luring me in with its claim of being the “ultimate trackday suit”. 

It’s worth mentioning I’ve always been a two-piece kind of guy, as looking like a ninja turtle isn't all that cool. So, I had my reservations at first about fully committing to the Evo R, but after a couple of causal rides stretching them out on my Fireblade, I was sold. 

Price: £499.99 | RST Moto 

See the RST TracTech Evo R one-piece leathers in action below.



The main outer material is 1.1mm to 1.3mm premium grade cowhide, aka leather. Around the upper arm and knees of the suit, there’s Samtex coupled with leather stretch panels, which makes the suit feel surprisingly flexible straight off the peg - with the materials being held together with triple-stitched Coates Bonded Nylon. 

The inner lining is RST’s new 3D bubble liner - exclusive is the TracTech R series. 


At first glance, the upper lining looks like a honeycomb, which is not only nice to look at but also works brilliantly at keeping your core body temperature regulated. Now, wearing 1.3mm cowhide in direct sunlight is never the most comfortable affair, but the 3D lining does keep your core a lot cooler than I’ve experienced in other leather suits. 

The legs get a slightly less futuristic liner, but even as I hunched awkwardly over my Fireblade, sweating buckets, the lining didn’t stick or irritate me in any way. And that’s without any special thermal leggings on either.

The collar and cuffs are lined with neoprene, which premium touch on a suit without a premium price tag.


Now, for the section everyone has been waiting for, the zips… The Evo R is kitted out with Max zips all-round. Strong, sturdy and stay in place at higher speeds.


For a penny under £500 the Evo R’s level of protection is second to none. It boast a AAA CE rating (the highest a leather suit can achieve) thanks to the CE Level 2 shoulder, elbows and hips armour, a CE Level 2 back protector fitted, plus 2nd generation TPU external shoulder and knee sliders - which aid sliding in an accident thus protecting your delicate collar bone and knees. 

The standard level 2 back protector is a particularly nice addition, especially for someone who’s on a budget. 

Also, the quick removable knee sliders and miniature elbow sliders work a treat. Well, that’s a lie. The knee sliders work great, but I don’t have the skills to get my elbow down… challenge accepted though.

Despite all this protection, the suit doesn't make you feel like Robocop. The pockets are well placed and aren't a faff to get to if you want to swap the armour out, or remove it altogether. 

Fit and Comfort

As I mentioned I’ve always been a two-piece leather kind of guy, for practicality on the road and because of my lanky gene which results in some ‘difficulty’ fitting into off the shelf one-piece suits. So getting a size or two up is always a safe bet, just for extra room around my lower regions. 

Despite my vertical predicament, I settled on a size 46 UK. RST has done a great job at making a tracksuit comfortable and usable not only for track, but also for road riding. The strategic perforations along the seat, lower abdomen and chest area which flows through the 3D Bubble lining, do an excellent job of keeping you cool during hot summer rides and trackdays. 

If I had one niggle, it would be that the Velco around the neoprene cuffs is slightly abrasive when in the unstrapped position. If the soft velcro was on the strap this would make it more comfortable. However, this is my only gripe. 

Although not a custom fit (a service RST provides) the Evo R does feel semi tailored, which for the price baffles my mind. In a good way. 


Yes, a one-piece suit with pockets! The left-hand side chest pocket is perfect for fitting a wallet and smartphone if required, but there’s a sneaky pocket in the race hump on the rear of the suit, which is large enough to fit your phone or a GPS unit. 


The amount of features and protection on the TracTech Evo R makes it a worthy competitor to any one-piece leather suit out there, but the £499.99 price tag is the deal of the century. Plus, it looks friggin dope!

Also if racer’s trust RST suits at the highest level, then that’s more than good enough for me.

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