Sidi Sidi Rex motorcycle boots review

Sidi Rex racing motorcycle boots review

I’ve been using the Sidi Rex boots for about three months now. Here’s what I’ve found out so far…

SIDI’S Rex boots are a race-bred motorcycle boot with a very modern and futuristic style to them. I’ve been wearing them now for about three months and covered over 3000 miles in them.

So far, I’ve worn them on trackdays in the UK and new motorcycle track riding launches at Jerez and Cartagena. I’ve used them on sportsbikes, nakeds, and even a Yamaha Niken GT!

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Sidi Rex price and colours

The Sidi Rex has an RRP of £369.99 making them the top of the range racing boot in the Sidi range. They are available in fluo red (as worn) and black, black and white, black or grey.


The main sections of the upper boot (fluo red on my pair), look like they are made from leather, but they are actually a manmade material called Technofibre. No cows were harmed in producing these kicks which makes them vegan-friendly. The material behaves just like leather and feels just as pliable and soft when in use.

Joining the Technofibre sections are soft, elasticated on the instep and heel. These sections make putting the boots on and taking them off very easy and walking around in them is a squeaky but comfortable affair.


As you’d expect from a boot that was on the MotoGP circuit, the protection offered by the Sidi Rex boots are second to none. There is a large ankle support brace that hinges on either side of your ankle, connecting the lower part of the boot to the section that supports your ankle.

The bracing section prevents any lateral movement in the ankle, without inhibiting you when you come to change gear, use the rear brake or a walkabout in the paddock.

As with some of Sidi’s other road and track boots, the heel features large protective hump to help absorb some of the forces dealt on a rider as they tumble down the road. The hump also makes it easier to get the boots on and off too – an added but very welcome bonus!

The toe of each boot is fitted with a large plastic tow-slider, with a small removable stainless steel section within each one.


As with motorcycle leathers, boots must be comfortable. If they aren’t, your concentration won’t be fully on what you’re doing and it’s more likely you’ll make a mistake. Thankfully the Sidi Rex were spot on right out of the box. The whole boot is all-day comfortable, which is not what I expected of an aggressively styled race-cut motorcycle boot.

Each boot is fitted with a reinforced internal ankle liner, that has a large loop on each side. These make the boot easy to slip into, safer and more comfortable to wear. The inner liner puts an extra layer of padding between your ankle and the tough reinforcements of the exterior of the boot, a clever piece of design from the team in Italy.


The boots use a Tecno-3 closure system, that is a lot like those used in winter sports boots. There is a small radial ratchet that tightens two steel-reinforced wires that run across the boot in three locations. One on top of the toe, one above the instead and another near the top of the boot.

The system is very easy to use and extremely secure when done up tightly. It’s also designed in such a way that it’s still possible to tighten or loosen the boots with your gloves on – great if you need to make a last-minute adjustment and don’t want to take all your gloves off.


There are two openable vents on the boots, on the toe and the outside flank of each boot. I thought these were going to be a bit of a gimmick at first and couldn’t see how they could possibly keep your feet cool. I was very wrong indeed! You can really feel the air entering the boot via the toe and moving around your foot at speed. Out in the 30° heat of a Spanish GP track, it’s a very welcome relief indeed!

Sidi Rex motorcycle boot verdict

Over the three months and thousands of miles I’ve spent with the Sidi Rex I’m continually surprised by them. The level of comfort provided is phenomenal, and protection offered by them really is very good. Those two things don’t normally go hand in hand together so well. Then you add to that the features that makes then so easy to use in any situation; it’s hard to think of these as just a track or racing boot. They would work very well in a multitude of scenarios.