Showcase: Visordown's Top 13 Winter boots

New product showcase from Visordown

Alpinestars SuperTech Touring

The things to have in a monsoon. Both sides of the boot are Velcro’d, while a waterproof strip in the front keeps water away from an interior lacing system.

On the other side of that there’s a Gore-Tex lining stitched into one of the most comfortable soles out there.

They might be a bit of an effort to get on and off every day, but they feel very high-quality and look like they could take a beating as well. 

Price:  ?£329.95

Arlen Ness 1096 WP

Arlen Ness 1096 WP

Another good-looking boot from Arlen Ness, if you don’t mind the dragons.

The Velcro wraps quite far around the calf so there’s a great deal of adjustability (great for people with wider calves) and good waterproofing.

There’s plenty of armour on this boot, though the inside ankle protection pinches a bit so try before you buy.

The titanium slidy bits are a nice touch and the styling sets it apart.

Price: ?£170.99

Berik 1056 WP

Berik 1056 WP

It wouldn’t be Berik if it weren’t confidently shouty about it. This boot’s better for it – a real stand out from the crowd.

Jangling with titanium sliding bits and awash with swoopy stitching, they’re astonishingly comfortable for such a racy looking boot.

Waterproofing could be suspect as there’s no Gore-Tex tag or mention of any other super high-tech official breathable material, but at £105 this boot is a bit of a steal. 

Price: £104.99

Daytona Evo Sports – GTX

Daytona Evo Sports – GTX

Never mistaken for another boot, the Evo’s styling is full on retro.

The inner/outer boot design is unique and provides a great mix of protection, comfort and weather-proofing.

The inner boot is made from a composite fibre with pivoting ankle protection and lined with Gore-Tex.

The outer is made from calfskin and is easily replaceable as needed, available in blue, yellow or red.

Price: £499.99

Falco 315 Sirius

Falco 315 Sirius

Smaller Italian manufacturer Falco make this very sporty looking all weather boot.

While not asking a lot of your wallet, they have similar features to the big boys.

Removable toe-sliders and ankle, heel and shin armour looks to provide good protection but feels a bit cheap.

Hi-Tex waterproof liner feels top-notch and the sole is comfortable, but a little thin. Carbon-style leather is a take-it-or-leave-it look though.

Price: ?£134.99

Gaerne GRW Aquatech ?

Gaerne GRW Aquatech ?

Great looks combined with top protection make this boot a top effort.

Hinged ankle protection, titanium sliders and a steel shank built into the sole; this boot’s ready for everything. The comfortable liner is waterproof, breathable and anti-bacterial (handy).

Shin and heel vents may compromise the waterproofing in heavy downpours, but offer breathability. The sole is designed to grip wet foot-pegs – great idea.

Price: £229.99

Oxford Bone Dry Boots

Oxford Bone Dry Boots

Cheap and cheerful, the Bone Dry boots are another pair to employ the textile/synthetic outer shell comination.

Featuring a full-length zipper and storm flap closure system making them easy to slip into, this budget boot looks like the value bet.

For on and off the bike comfort there’s a soft, breathable membrane inner and the sole is shank-reinforced. Other protection includes a moulded shin pad and an ankle support system.

Price: ?£59.99

Richa Monza ?

Richa Monza

A top effort from Richa. This boot is definitely one of the most comfortable boots here.

Traditionally styled, the three-quarter length makes it a perfect all-weather town boot, with a simple, one-zip entry system.

Walking feels extremely natural, which is a triumph for riding boots.  Quality looks okay although there are a few loose threads here and there. There’s only a padded shin protector for armour, but as an overall budget boot, these tick all the boxes.

Price: £79.99

RST Vortex II

RST Vortex II

This simple budget winter boot is ideal for people with narrow feet.

The HIPORA (breathable) liner takes care of the waterproofing and the leather outer looks very well constructed.

No loose threads, straight stitching and a solid feel. Fit over the bridge of the foot is a little tight, so slip a pair on before you buy.

The anti-slip sole is reinforced with a steel shank and there’s a moulded ankle protector as well.

Price: ?£79.99

Sidi Strada Mega Core

Sidi Strada Mega Core

Nice middle-of-the-road styling for this offering from Sidi.

No flashy bits and the minimalist stitching mean there’s less opportunity for water to get in.

Even though there’s not a lot of armour the boot feels solidly built with an extended interior toe protector and beefy heel pad.

Interior liner is a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex. Ideal for wider feet, and although the sole is compact it is quite hard.

Price: £200

Spada TX1

Spada TX1

This boot is a bargain. Replaceable toe and ankle sliders offer plenty of chunky protection.

The outer build quality feels a little cheap, but the sole and liner are very plush.

A potential area of concern is the zipper. It’s a bit further forward than others and the bottom half is exposed, open to the elements.

Styling is very modern and you get a year’s manufacturer’s guarantee. 

Price: £89.99

TCX Airtech Gore-Tex

TCX Airtech Gore-Tex

This boot takes a different approach to dealing with winter weather.

Using the latest textile technology, the outer shell is a waterproof and breathable material, something leather can’t say.

Developed with a Gore-Tex liner, the theory is that this material will keep water and wind out, while releasing moisture when you’re feet get too hot.

The outer textile section has good abrasion resistance as well.

Price: £149.99

TCX Competizione S

TCX Competizione S

The S version of TCX’s Competizione boot boasts most of the features you’d find on an all-out race item.

Full hinged ankle protection, toe and heel sliders and padded shin armour are all there but it’s the full Gore-Tex lining and treated outer leather that make this boot what it is.

The single-zip entry system is simple and robust but the ankle protection rubbing up and down can get very noisy while walking.

Price: ?£209.99