Shoei's new helmet, the Qwest

From 259.99 and quieter than the Raid-II, they claim

Shoei have launched this new helmet. We've not had one in the office yet, just a picture and a press release. So here's what they have to say about it:

A new SHOEI helmet on the market always means a few more innovations in the world. With the QWEST, SHOEI brings a new generation of helmets to the market. This premium helmet is the logical further development and takes the needs of touring bikers into consideration: light weight, comfortable fit and minimal noise level.

The Qwest is 60.3% quieter than the Shoei Raid-II model (equivalent to 2.2db).
This effect is obtained by aerodynamic optimisation – in order to obtain an optimal shell shape, SHOEI built an absolutely new and state of the art wind tunnel. The complex shape of the helmet ensures ideal aerodynamics because the noise level is reduced to a surprising minimum.

By using four shell sizes for seven helmet sizes, SHOEI make an optimal fit for every head size possible. The Qwest has a weight of just 1400g (+/- 50) at size "M". and the spoiler integrated into the shell eases strain on the neck and ensures long lasting fitness. The ventilation system of the QWEST is a completely new development – larger top and lower air intakes have been repositioned. The two rear ventilation holes are also new: warm used air is not just exhausted but sucked out by low pressure. One important thing must not be forgotten: the world outside the helmet. SHOEI newly developed CW-1 visor technology with its Q.R.S.A. system guarantees automatic sealing and an extra wide field of vision: a plus in safety and specially panorama friendly for touring bikers.

The Qwest features the Shoei AIM+ structure, which is made up of 6 layers of fibres to ensure maximum strength and flexibility. The Qwest visor system is the revolutionary, now standard, CW-1 visor system that was first debuted on both the rated XR-1100 and X-Spirit-II models and which gives 30% more vision. The visor comes with a Pinlock® fog-free lens.
The Qwest will be available in Black, Light Silver, Matt Black, Gloss White as well as two graphic models in sizes XXS–XXL. The Qwest will be available at a suggested retail price starting at £259.99, raising to £339.99 for the graphic models.