Rukka Mia Jacket

New product showcase from Visordown

Rukka as a brand is known for quailty and this jacket doesn’t disappoint, the detail everywhere is great with a soft neoprene collar, well seated thermal liner, ability to attach to trousers, it does the lot.

Compared to other brands this jacket is very light, something that is impressive considering how well it performs in wind, rain and cold.

The high performance is reflected in the high price, but to justify in part it has a 5-year warranty, so split it down to £90 a year and it doesn’t sound so bad.

The Mia is a year round jacket that can be bulked up in the hardiest of winters with the right underlayers, there’s space under there.

Which leads me to the cut. It is girls specific but the cut and style doesn’t overly reflect this. Some brands have been making a huge effort to cut a feminine shape, but this jacket still has reflections of a man’s jacket on a girl’s scale, the sleeves are slightly long and the material on the back gathers, bulking me up.

If you’re taller and broader this won’t be an issue, but for me it dampened what is otherwise superb riding gear.

Pros: Performance.

Cons: Cut.

Sizes: 34 - 50

Colour: Black/black, yellow & others to order

Price: £449.99