Review: TCX X-Wave waterproof boots – £129.99

Trainer-style urban riding boots that are as good for struttin' round London as they are for riding round it

TCX X-Wave WP boots
TCX X-Wave WP boots

MOST people don’t realise that the TCX X-Waves are designed for riding in, and that’s what I like most about them.

They’re basically reinforced hi-top trainers and are stylish enough to wear at work (depending on where you work), to meetings and for a drink once the clock strikes 5pm.

But that’s just part of the reason they’ve quickly become my favourite everyday riding shoe; they’re also supremely comfy, thanks to a comfortable sole and a snug but not restrictive fit. They feel just like a pair of trainers, but unlike my favourite pair of Nike Air Maxes, they offer some protection thanks to a reinforced heel and toe area. They also cover my ankle (with a soft, padded collar) and can be done up nice and tightly, so offer a secure, reassuring fit. There’s a lot of double stitching and exterior is made of leather so can hopefully stand up to a potential spill. They can get a bit warm though, especially if it’s a particularly hot day.

TCX X-Wave WP boots
TCX X-Wave WP boots

Thanks to a waterproof membrane, they’re claimed to be waterproof and whenever I’ve been caught in the rain, the X-Waves have kept my feet dry. They’ve been frequently tested during the recent heavy summer showers and after a one hour ride home last week in solid torrential rain, I was pleased to take them off and have completely dry feet.

The X-Waves came supplied with a gear shift pad to slip over the left boot for cushioning against the gear lever and to prevent excess wear on the top of the boot. I thought that was a bit gimmicky – either include a shift pad on the upper of the shoe, or don’t. I didn’t bother to use it for a long time but when I did, it slipped off during the first ride, never to be seen again, which was disappointing. It hasn’t ruined my enjoyment of the X-Waves, but if I had a bike with a particularly leaden gear lever, I might not feel the same. Aside from a mark where I change gear, the left boot doesn’t seem like it’s suffering any undue wear, and I wear these most days.

The insoles fit quite poorly so every time I take the X-Waves off, they come away from the sole, and I constantly have to flatten them and place them back where they belong.

The TCX X-Waves are a good pair of urban riding shoes are my preferred choice for daily use because they’re well equipped for life in the city thanks to their versatility, comfort and protection. All that’s needed to make them TCXcellent is some better quality insoles and an integrated gear shift pad.

Tested: TCX X-Wave boots
Price: £129.99
Contact: Nevis

TCX X-Wave WP boots
TCX X-Wave WP boots

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