Review: Shark Vancore helmet

What's white, black, has goggles, and looks the business?

OTHER than subtle design tweaks or new paintjobs, helmets by and large all look relatively similar. Well, that is until the Shark Vancore came along.

It’s the updated version of the French firm’s Raw helmet, except you now get full-face protection instead of just a rubber chin bar.

The first thing you notice when you pick up the lid is just how light it is, Shark claim 1250g and I can believe it. The chin bar has more flex in it than I would like but it still feels sturdy enough to offer protection in the event of a spill.

It’s comfortable too. I really like Shark gear but I have to admit it’s always difficult to predict which size is the right one to go for. My three Shark lids have different shell sizes or different cheek pads in them, I’m usually a medium but I opted for a large with the Vancore and it fits me perfectly.

The shape is more rounded than the firm’s usual race-derived helmets and I find it fits me far better. I’ve ridden for hours with it on without developing any pain across my head.

The design means a large amount of air flows through the base of the helmet; good for drying out those sweaty cheek pads, bad for wind noise.

I’m keen on the look of the goggles and if you ever fancy mixing things up Shark offer a number of different coloured lenses and frames. The only downside I encountered was difficulty in removing the goggles whilst simultaneously riding and the reduced amount of peripheral vision compared to a normal visor.

It’s also worth noting that the Vancore comes with a quick-release ratchet chin strap as opposed to a conventional D-ring setup. I think of them much in the same way as shoes with Velcro straps - yes they work, but what’s wrong with just a normal shoelace?

The Vancore gets a thumbs up from us - it’s comfortable, cool, and different.

It's available in gloss black, gloss white or matt green.

Price: £219.99.