Review: Held Active Fit Gore-Tex gloves

Two gloves in one

THE trouble with waterproof gloves is they usually require a lining underneath the outer leather, and so place an extra barrier between hand and throttle.

These gloves offer an innovative solution to that problem. Essentially they're two gloves in one. They've got a waterproof lining, which is Gore-Tex, so pretty reliable. It's also possible to put your hand inside the leather outer but not in that lining, with nothing against your palm except leather.

It sounds unlikely but it works. Everyone to try them on seems to have a similar response: 'Oh yeah, that's good.'

It's easy to swap from waterproof to just leather by taking your hand out and putting it back in. You can do it at traffic lights.

It means that, when it gets warm, you can enjoy the ventilation and throttle feel granted by a simple leather summer or race glove. When it gets chilly, or starts to rain, you've also got a Gore-Tex pair.   

They marketed as all-season. I wouldn't advise using them in mid-winter but they're warm enough for the rest of the year.

Because the outer is all leather, you could also use them on track days.

The gauntlets are on the bulky side - good for wrist protection but potentially awkward for getting under cuffs, which can be necessary to prevent raining running down your arm into the glove.

And with your hand inside the waterproof part, the gloves themselves can feel a little bulky when riding.

But overall, a clever idea which could save you carrying two pairs.

Price: £179.99