Review: Rev'It! Nelson jeans

Form and function in Rev'It!'s new Nelson jeans

MOTORCYCLING jeans were never really my thing; I took the approach that if you were going to go out of your way to wear protective jeans that didn’t know the word ‘style’ even existed, then you may as well have just stuck on some textiles or leathers trousers in the first place for ultimate protection.

But that’s all changed now. Manufacturers have realised that not all bikers are completely devoid of fashion sense and they’ve started making jeans that most people wouldn’t know were intended for motorcycling, like Rev'It!’s Nelson jeans.

Usually Kevlar-lined jeans are just that, denim with Kevlar stitched onto the main impact areas such as the knees, hips and backside. What makes the Nelsons different from the rest is the Cordura - an abrasion and tear resistant material - that’s woven into the fabric for a more comfortable and uniform finish. There’s also a moisture wicking fabric woven in too, I can’t claim that I felt it doing its job but after a weekend’s worth of long rides and hot weather I can’t say that my legs ever got sweaty either.

The Nelsons come with CE approved Knox knee armour as standard but I was disappointed to find that even with the right length of jeans on me the protectors were held six inches below my knee. Rev’It! say the protector pockets are adjustable but given the fact that they’re attached to the denim it looks like you’d have to cut the stitches, adjust the height, and then re-stitch the pocket back on. Or in other words, something that I wouldn’t like to do on £179.99 jeans.

It’s not all bad though. The Nelsons fit nicely and are really comfortable to wear both on and off the bike. They look great and if you like to roll your jeans up you’ll find 3M reflective tape stitched on the inside for added visibility whilst riding.

On a safety front the main seams are held together with triple stitching for added strength and the backside of the jeans has Rev’It!’s own PWR shield (Kevlar) attached for extra protection and increased comfort thanks to its soft lining. For £20.99 you can also get hip armour, the jeans come with pockets ready to be fitted with Knox protectors.

I like the Nelsons. The shape and fit is impressive for a pair of protective motorcycle jeans and I’d be more than happy to wear them out and about whilst off the bike.

Price: £179.99