Review: Sidi Mag-1 boots

A premium sports boot with great looks and huge levels of adjustability

SQUEAK. Squeak. Squeak. That’s the all too familiar soundtrack that most Sidi boots are renowned for, not the Mag-1s though.

The Italian firm has done away with the squeaking and made a boot that’s lighter, more adjustable, neater and in my opinion better looking than the outgoing model - the Vortice.

Each Mag-1 is almost 200 grams lighter than the Vortice but retain the protective element of the boot with an internal carbon fibre support and reinforced areas in the toe, ankle, shin and heel.

The magnetic closure system may appear gimmicky at first but they offer an almost limitless level of adjustability. Twist to tighten or pinch and pull to loosen. Boots tend to fit me well from the ankle to the toe but often lack good levels of adjustment around the calf area. The Mag-1s have both the magnetic closing system and a more permanent ratchet-style adjuster on the medial side of the boot for a secure fit.

I was slightly concerned with the lack of feel when I first rode home in them but after a couple of long rides they’ve broken in and provide plenty of feedback through both the sole of the boot and around the toes.

The relatively large number of visible screws on the boot may put some potential buyers off but in reality they give the Mag-1s a much longer useable life. Crash in them and you can replace the shin protector, heel protector, toe slider, and any of the adjusters separately depending on the damage, as opposed to buying a whole new boot.

Sidi has also laced the boots with some nice touches like an adjustable vent on the toe area and double stitching in impact zones for extra crash protection.

The Mag-1s are really comfortable, very neat, and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them for a long time.

Price: £279.99 available in black or white