Review: Rev’It! Royale H2O boots - £199.99

Comfortable, superbly made casual waterproof riding boots

SOMETIMES I want to jump on my bike to see friends, do some shopping or get a coffee without spending the day walking round in my usual riding boots, which can be squeaky and uncomfortable to wear all day.

So, enter stage left the Rev’It Royale H2O; an urban riding boot with a reinforced toe box, ankle protection and a waterproof membrane. It’s a boot that's comfortable and casual enough to wear all day but being designed for riding, isn't devoid of protective features.

The Royale H2O is made of a mix of full grain leather, waxed suede and PWR Shell material which makes the exterior feels tough and rugged. Peace of mind also comes courtesy of reinforcing from the thermoformed toe and heel cups, and ankle protection, which feel firm, but don’t affect comfort when walking. All these protective elements make the Royale H2Os feel sturdy and reliable.

Use of the word ‘waterproof’ in the name also adds to how these boots feel, mentally at least. So with Rev’It claiming the Royale H2Os are waterproof, I was expecting them to be flawless in the rain, which (to my surprise) they have been. I’ve worn them when I’ve been caught in a few showers and my feet were kept completely dry. However, a shower isn’t enough to work out if they’re properly waterproof, so rather than riding round waiting for a thunderstorm, I filled my bath and submerged my feet up to the ankles for 10 minutes, and the Royale H2Os impressively kept me completely dry.

Thanks to a decent lining, comfortable insoles and padding around and above the ankles, comfort is impressive too, although getting them on isn’t a particularly comfortable experience. The Royale H2Os come up well above the ankle and although this means good protection, it also means I can never just slip them on – in fact, it takes a bit of effort. I find I have to grip the boot tightly and yank it on to get my foot in, with the top of my foot always uncomfortably rubbing the tongue whether getting them on or taking them off. At least the reflective hooks on the back help. Once on though, they are comfortable as long as they’re done up tight; if not, they can rub around my ankles when I walk.

The rubber sole is grippy and doesn’t stop you feeling the rear brake lever.

The Royale H2Os are good - waterproof, comfortable, protective and well-made - just what I want from a set of casual riding boots. The discomfort of getting them on and off can be irritating (especially if you're in a hurry) but the pay off comes with how good they are once on, whether riding or posing in a cafe somewhere (which, incidentally, are my two main pastimes).

Tested: Rev'It! Royale H2O boots

Price: £199.99

Colours: Black and brown

Contact: Rev'It!

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