Review: Rev’It! Fulton jacket - £229.99

Rev'It! Fulton jacket

A superb option for urban riders

I'VE BEEN prancing round London in the Rev’It! Fulton jacket for three months.

I’ve yet to find anything wrong with it beyond one niggle: the collar is a bit too tall and not flexible enough, meaning it can restrict head movement as it catches on the back of my helmet, depending on what I’m wearing underneath it.

Aside from that, the Fulton is a superb jacket. It’s basically a short parka, so on the bike, it doesn’t come down too low and interfere with movement, so can be worn on a sports bike as easily as it can on a scooter. Off the bike, well, you’ll have a hard time spotting this is a jacket intended for motorcyclists – it’s got a stylish cut and looks like the kind of coat you’d pick up in a high street shop. It’s also available in black.

It’s excellent in the rain, which I was surprised about after running a finger over the material on first inspection. The exterior is made of a two-layer cotton and polyester blend, backed up by a Hydratex lining and it deals with water superbly. I’ve worn this in hour-long biblical downpours and it’s never failed to keep me bone dry, something my usual Weise winter jacket struggles with. With the Fulton, water tends to sit bead up on the exterior and although it eventually becomes saturated, I’ve never felt any water ingress.

Inside, there’s a thick and comfortable removable lining that’s kept me warm on December motorway stints. I know it’s not really designed for motorway use – a fast slide would inflict some proper damage, although there is CE approved armour in the arms – but it’s so comfortable, warm and waterproof that I often choose it over other options.

It’s got storage a plenty, with two big external button-closure pockets at the front, side pockets and an internal pocket. The front pockets can be easily accessed with gloves on too. They should be waterproof, but having left my wallet in there several times in the rain, I've learnt that it may come out damp.

All the zips, buttons and stitching are excellent quality. The zips have a nice heft and feel to them (as zips go) and the stitching is precise and tight.

The hood is detachable via a zip and button and it’s adjustable too. The back of it can be buttoned to the back of the jacket to stop it flapping around when riding. It also had a warm and soft lining.

All the Rev’It! products I’ve used have been well-made, stylish and effective and the Fulton jacket is no exception – stylish, warm, waterproof and great off the bike too – the best city jacket I’ve ever used.

Tested: Rev’It! Fulton jacket

Price: £229.99

Colours: Blue and black

Contact: Rev’It!