Review: Alpinestars Supertech R boots - £379.99

Alpinestars Supertech R

Comfy, protective and trick looking top-end race boots

I ONLY got these range-topping Alpinestars race boots recently but during the last six weeks I’ve worn them plenty. My summary of them so far is simple: I can’t imagine wearing a comfier pair of motorcycle boots.

I can see why they’re so ubiquitous on the feet of racers, track day addicts and many a weekend warrior.

Aside from superlative levels of comfort, they look the part too, although I’d expect that from Alpinestars and the style comes a good deal of substance. For example, the redeisgned shin guard is tough and designed to dissipate energy in the event of an impact, and the sturdy heel area looks like it’ll handle its fair share of abuse.

Rather than the exterior of the boot being covered in protective armour, it’s a minimal affair and the inside of each boot is covered in a micro-fibre, suede-effect material that means the Supertechs don’t catch against the bike.

One of the reasons for the lack obvious protective structures on the outside of the Supertech Rs is that all the protective stuff is housed inside the boot. Open the main zip and inside there’s a protective inner boot which tightens with a cord. Before wearing the Supertech Rs, I’d never used a boots with an inner section but it’s a super comfortable and safe feeling place for toes and ankles so along with the comfort and support on offer, the Supertechs feel very reassuring. Crucially, the inner boot doesn’t move around in inside the main boot.

The inner boots provide a minor niggle: when taking off the Supertechs, they usually tries to escape with my foot and there’s a knack to getting the Supertechs off without taking the inner boot out of the exterior shell.

Movement is free and easy thanks to a flexible rubber area at the front top of the foot. It means that on track or when constantly changing position on the bike, I’m never thinking about my feet feeling restricted and the svelte shape of the toe area makes them feel precise.


The sole offers loads of  grip and feel and the top gaiter, made from synthetic leather, means the top of the boot sits comfortably against my leg when worn with jeans, although because of the shin plate, they might not fit under all jeans.

They’re not the most highly-vented boots I’ve ever worn, but the flexible area at the front offers enough airflow to cool things down on the move.

The aluminum toe sliders feel like quality items and the heel plate is replaceable.

At £379.99, these definitely aren’t the cheapest pair of scratching slippers, but the Supertech Rs are easily the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn and definitely some of the most protective.

Tested: Alpinestars Supertech R boots

Price: £379.99

Contact: Alpinestars