First impressions: R&G Adventure Bike Outdoor Cover review

First impressions: R&G Adventure Bike Outdoor Cover review

You know a cover is waterproof when you get puddles on it

IN the absence of a garage, a good cover is surely one of the most indispensable motorcycle accessories.

I’ve just got this one from R&G and it seems pretty good.

Previously I’d been using one which I bought on eBay for under £20 but which turned out to be a false economy: it wasn’t waterproof.

This one definitely is, as evidenced by the puddle of water it collected in Storm Doris this week.

R&G’s outdoor covers come in four sizes, for scooter, cruiser, superbike and adventure bike.

I’ve got a rack on my Suzuki SV650S and thought the superbike one might be a bit on the small side, so went for the adventure one.

It’s plenty big enough, although not quite the right shape, as it’s made for a bike with a taller screen. I can live with that. It's possible to arrange it so that water runs off instead of forming puddles. 

It’s got two straps which buckle underneath the bike, one near the front wheel and one near the back, so it’s not going anywhere.

It’s also got holes at the front and back wheel for a chain to pass through and a window at the rear in case you need to show your number plate. If you don’t want your plate on show, you can cover it with a panel that Velcros over the inside of the window, as I have.

There are two hooded vents, one on each side near the handlebars, to let moisture escape while keeping rain out. 

It seems durable and well thought through. The only thing it lacks, which some other covers have, is any soft lining to protect your bike from the slow, gentle abrasions of the cover buffeting in the wind.

But it's a hard-working SV under there, not some high-maintenance Italian trinket, and I'm confident the cover will protect it from the worst of the elements for at least a year or so.

At £46.66, that works out a lot cheaper than a garage.  

Producted tested: R&G Adventure Bike Outdoor Cover

Price: £46.66