Ratchet! Spannertime.

An upgrade from eBay cheapies to Halfords Advanced

Why do you always end up with a drawer full of single socks? What happens to the battery cover of your remote control? Where do my 10 and 12mm spanners and sockets end up? (Why do women use so much toilet roll? -Er, new topic altogether)

These are some of life's big mysteries and I'm afraid I won't ever be able to solve them.

I started my racing season with a full set of spanners, but over the course of 3 races, I've managed to lose/misplace/eat? quite a few of them.

When I started the season I bought ultra cheap tools (mainly from eBay), promising myself that when I broke one or rounded one off, I'd buy a quality replacement, tool by tool.

So far my eBay cheapies have been ok, although I can see wear and tear on the sockets and the nuts. My main problem is actually losing the tools completely. I have no idea where they get to..?

So when it came to my spanners, I thought I'd replace the whole set with this 10pc flexible ratcher spanner set from Halfords 'Advanced' range. They were on offer at £39.99 down from £79.99 (you can see them here). I've realised that out of all my tools, my sockets and spanners get the most use and are the most important when it comes to quality; I've already mildly-butchered my front wheel spindle nut with my eBay socket.

The more conventional Halfords 'Professional' 10pc spanner set is currently £29.99 (you can see them here) so I thought the extra tenner for ratchet spanners with flexible heads was well worth the spend.

An end to rounded off bolts? Not with my handywork...