New stuff - Racer Titan winter gloves

The new waterproof winter race gloves from Racer

Racer is a Austrian brand that is well known for manufacturing top end gloves. These, the Race Titans are the winter versions of the full on summer race glove called the Sicuro as worn by BSB racer Josh Brookes.

Winter gloves have long since been a frustration for many biking buddies we’ve met of the years. They say they are waterproof but are actually not, they are cumbersome and restrictive, they stink and perhaps more annoying than anything else, the lining comes out with your hands and never goes back in comfortably.

With the Race Titans the lining is fully stitched in so it doesn’t move and they are pretty compact, they aren’t a summer glove but they give good feel and keep your hands toasty.

A couple of cool things we like about these, the wrists have a soft neoprene type skirt that you poke your hands through to stop the water seeping in from your jacket. They also have hard palm guards from Knox that hit the deck instead of the leather on the inside of your hand and they have a very thick once piece titanium knuckle guard.

They retail at £159, check out the racer site for more info