New Stuff: Held Cardona jacket

We check out the the range-topping GORE-TEX all-season jacket and trousers combo from Held

Ever asked for a Coke and got the 'it's Pepsi is that ok?' line, and you know that a Hoover is actually a vacuum cleaner? Well it's like that with GORE-TEX jackets, or should I say 'textile jackets'.

In the case of textile jackets GORE-TEX is simply the brand but also just happens to be widely recognized as one of the best brands in the market. As with many 'best brands' you pay a premium, the Cardona jacket will cost you £679.99 if you wanted to buy one today. In reality that’s competitively priced, jackets of this spec from other brands range from £750+.

Most textile jacket manufacturers have their own branded material. In Held's case they call it the HEROS-TEC and jackets with that material range between £99 to £250. However the GORE-TEX Cardona jacket features the latest variant of GORE-TEX material called Pro-Shell.

Both the Cardona Jacket and Fronting trousers are made with a three layer textile laminate which means the waterproof membrane and the outer shell are stuck together. This usually means that they are lighter weight and far more compact than others. The material also has a "Cool System" that reflects solar radiation stopping the heat from the sun seeping in during the summer.

The Cardona jacket is an all-season jacket but we are going to put it through its paces as the big chill sets in. Will let you know how the combo holds up but for now, here are my likes and dislikes at first look. 


Compact and firm quality feeling material fits perfectly with no flapping!. Very warm, less base layers required, Very breathable,, no clammy sweatiness, Nicely designed with some neat finishing touches.

Not sure about...

Ultra tiny and intricate water resistant zips are sticky, may well loosen up, only time will tell. Main zip pull tab is attached by a very thin metal ring, may not last for years so may need replacing, which im sure Held would do if it was an issue.

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