New stuff: Alpinestars S-MX Plus R boots

In with the new out with the old, Star Wars syle!

The S-MX Plus R is from Alpinestars' racing boot range and they have remained largely unchanged for some four years now. I've had a couple of pairs over the past 5 years and I keep coming back for more. They are super tough and have consistently proven to be totally reliable. Why change something if it "aint" broke?

They are comfy to wear, very supportive and well ventilated. They’re not much good in the wet but some waterproof treatments can help make them water resistant.

Overall they are a staple product with many of the bike racers today, probably because of the great feel they give without compromising on safety.

My last pair lasted 3 years and more than 40000 miles. Here's how they faired up.

These ones might be white for now, but give it a few weeks of British Commuting Time and they'll be a nice shade of road-grime grey..