Used Review: Alpinestars SMX Plus R boots

These beauties have seen me through more than 40000 miles, not bad eh?

The SMX Plus is Alpinestars racing boot. The design has remained pretty much unchanged for the last four years and that’s probably because they consistently prove to be reliably protective, very well made and really comfy once worn in.

There’s nothing better than a well worn in pair of supportive boots to boost your riding confidence. When you put these on your ankle meets an encouraging resistance just before clicking into place nestling into the heavy duty heel guards.

I’ve been wearing these pretty much every day since February 2008 and believe it or not, after 40000+ miles they still smell fresh as a daisy! Sure the toe sliders have fallen off , and the heel plate is worn through because of some childish heel grinding Supermoto frolics back in 2009 but actually, they have done really well through all the elements the UK weather has to offer.

I hate to think how many times those zips have!