New: Pipercross MPX173 air filter

This Pipercross filter is going to make the SH300 breathe more easily

Is an aftermarket air filter on a scooter overkill? Perhaps.

The thing is, the SH300's pick-up isn't amazing. Don't get me wrong, from 10mph onwards it pulls well, but off the line it bogs down. This is partly due to the standard exhaust which meets every EU directive under the sun but doesn't do much for my progress from the lights.

This Pipercross filter is foam, not cotton and it's a direct replacement for the standard filter. Pipercross claim 30% more airflow over a standard cotton air filter and a longer lifespan before cleaning than cotton too. Pipercross claim it's been bench tested for improved fuel economy, power and torque outputs and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

I'm going to take the SH300 to the dyno to see what it puts out in standard trim, then I'm going to replace the air filter with this new Pipercross and see if it makes a difference. It's not about peak horsepower, more about pick-up. If it does improve throttle response, then it's not overkill at all.

Model: Pipercross MPX173

Price: £50