Tested: Moveo Concept Neck Brace

A budget neck brace for road and Off-Road riders

Neck braces are becoming more apparent in the paddock simply because they give the rider that extra protection against neck injuries.

Already well established in the Motocross sector Moveo are one of a few companies that offer a fully adjustable neck brace for under £160, but is the Moveo's budget entry anything more than budget?

If you are in the market for a neck brace whether you ride off or on road then you'll know that you can spend up to £400 on a top of the range model so at £160 Moveo's entry level brace is comparatively cheap.

The Concept is fully adjustable and at 15 stone with fairly broad shoulders I still found a setting that fitted comfortably with me. Wearing the Concept you notice that it offers a less restricted amount head movement over other braces in the market which depending on which way you look at it is a good or bad thing. Either way you can tell at what point the brace would save your neck from over extending, my view is something is better than nothing.

The Concept is super light at 590 grams and can be dismantled to fit in your kit bag in a few minutes. It feels strong and well put together with a simple unobtrusive strap system to keep it in place, and it has a quick release and snap close fastening system at the front.

Its made from Fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic which is supple and flexible but supportive in the right places.

Essentially if you fall off and land on your head the Moveo Concept will help stop your neck and spine from over extending which often results in a broken neck.

Would i buy the Moveo Concept? If I couldn’t justify £400 for a top of the range brace but still wanted the protection then yes, but I’d invest in one of the alternative sticker kits available, I’m not co0nvicned on these ones!

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