New: Optimate battery charge indicator

Simple indicator device could save you from starting failures or breakdowns

OPTIMATE has launched a simple device to warn riders if their bike's battery has less than half its charge left. 

With the RAC attending some half a million battery-related call-outs annually, the unsubtly-named 'CHARGE NOW!' indicator device looks to address what is evidently a common problem. 

All you need to do is connect the device to your motorcycle's battery using a standard OptiMate weatherproof permanent lead (£9, sold separately), when the bike is not in use. 

CHARGE NOW! then monitors the battery, and starts flashing when the charge drops below 50% (the level at which OptiMate says batteries will struggle to start the motor).  

The £16 device comes in two versions - one for standard 'wet' lead acid batteries and the other for AGM and gel types. 

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