New: Dodo Juice wax

Keep that bike looking spic-and-span

DODO JUICE wax is a high-end wax for keeping the sparkle on your machine. 

Dodo Juice are a young company and although their stuff is aimed at car owners, it'll work on your motorcycle too. Their flagship product being their 'carnauba' waxes as pictured. Carnauba wax is notoriously a premium raw material, so although these aren't desperately cheap in the grand scheme of things, they are still a steal compared to some. 

But quality is what you pay for - handmade in the U.K using only the best ingredients, Dodo Juice wax is a nice product. They smell great as well, particularly the Rainforest Rub. 

These sample pots are 30ml in size and range from £5.95 for the Rainforest Rub (left) and £14.95 for the Supernatural Panel Pot (right). They claim to be able to do three to four car applications, so that ought to be at least 15 for your bike.

250ml pots of wax from Dodo Juice retail from £29.50.