Christmas Biker Gifts: T-Shirts

Last minute Christmas shopping ideas from the Visordown Fashion Department...

So the big day is drawing close and you still need a good gift for your biker buddy. You could never say we don't help you out...

We've put together a short list of our ten favourite biker T-shirts this Christmas. Contrary to popular belief, not all motorcycle T-shirts have to be free from a motorbike show.

Actually, there is some pretty cool biker clobber out there, so read on for a comprehensive guide...

This modern design from Alpinestars is very much in keeping with their cutting edge feel. Help a bike-loving relative proudly sport their love for the A-stars gang across their torso this Christmas.


A very cool vintage effort here from American company Metro Racing, who produce T-shirts themed around vintage bike brands – we especially like this Cagiva one, featuring the iconic cartoon elephant. This one is for the bike history connoisseur. 


A vintage themed T-shirt from Ducati’s own apparel range; pay tribute in style to the legacy of one of motorcycling’s most recognizable names. Grab one of these and help the biker you know tip a hat to the Italian giant. 


Another from Metro Racing, this time Ducati. We love the retro styling on these T’s, and you can be pretty sure you (or your recipient) will be the only person wearing one wherever you are. Always a plus in our book. 


Forgive us – our final inclusion from Metro Racing. We absolutely love the old Indian logo, and the fact that Metro Racing have put it on a T-shirt is inordinately pleasing. Difficult to imagine any biker with a love for the history not wanting this one. 


“High speed internet does not make me smile I’m a racer. Real speed in a real world” – amen. Help your biking family member sing it loud and sing it proud this Christmas with this great T-shirt from KTM. Nearing a stab at philosophy from the Austrians here…


Spidi’s tasteful ‘On Track’ design is perfect for those who like their branding a little more subtle. ‘On Track’ to what, who knows, but if it’s a cool-looking T-shirt we agree entirely. 


A bit of pro-speed sloganeering from Suzuki always goes down well, and this T-shirt hits the spot. It also boasts modern, fashionable styling that is sure to make your biker a hit down the pub with their two wheeler-loving mates. 


Modelled on a retro Suzuki pit crew T-shirt, this effort from Suzuki sports ‘Sheene’ across the upper back and a big, fat number 7. No more needs to be said for those of a certain age…


Straightforward Triumph branded T-shirt for lovers of the best of British. Let your loved one boast their hearty allegiance to the finest of Blighty’s steel steeds…in a lovely soft plum colour.