New: BMW Streetguard 2 Jacket

New product showcase from Visordown

BMW clothing offer an array of sizing, not just ‘small, medium and large’ of other manufacturers.

They will let you pre-order a choice of size combinations to try with no obligation to purchase. As for the quality you’d think you were on a visit to Nasa with everything they’ve thrown into their textiles – Gore-tex laminated with Armacor provides abrasion and heat resistance.

The jacket feels slightly bulky when you first put it on, as if a trip to the Arctic is imminent, but it’s suprisingly light and doesn’t show any of the bulk in the styling. In fact it looks quite slimming.

This jacket could handle anything bikers throw at it, and the branding is sublime in it’s subtlety. No-one will ever know how stylish the Germans have become. 

Pros: build quality, style, features
Cons: baffling choice of sizes!  

Price: £495