New: Bluetooth speakers for Piaggio scooters

'Exciters' speakers capable of playing music at over 100dB

PIAGGIO'S latest accessory lets you turn your scooter into a mobile boombox.

According to the Italian firm, Piaggio’s Sound System (PSS) is designed to turn the scooter’s body panels into a loud speaker.

The system consists of a digital amplifier, powered by the scooter’s battery; a Bluetooth receiver and two ‘exciter’ speakers, which use the bike’s body panels to boost their sound output.

Piaggio says the system is capable of playing music over 100 decibels and can be controlled wirelessly from the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

PSS is currently available for the 2014 Piaggio MP3 and the 2013/14 Vespa 946. A complete system costs £413.98, which includes a model-specific installation kit.


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